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At INDEPENDENT, we strongly believe in preventive maintenance. We see time and time again that scheduled fluid flushes add greater longevity to vital vehicle systems. We have seen a lot of technical developments over our 75-plus years of combined knowledge and know what to recommend to keep your investment protected. We boast BG Chemicals and sophisticated, pressurized fluid transfer machines for these services. Remember, INDEPENDENT recycles all used, contaminated fluids.

Please read about some of our recommended services and products below. 

Brake System Flush

A complete brake fluid flush under pressure with our specialized equipment is the only real way to preserve your brake system. Land Rover's anti-lock braking systems are vulnerable to dirty brake fluid and often fail as a result. It’s only under pressure that we can reach the dirty fluid trapped inside the valve block. This kind of routine brake fluid flush on your Land Rover will extend the life of your costly brake system components. .

Power Steering System Flush

Your Land Rover's power steering pump generates extremely high temperatures and pressures that can cause failure without notice. Over time, power steering fluid is depleted of buffering ingredients and becomes extremely dirty, literally destroying o-rings- causing leaks and worn pumps and racks. This leads to pump noise, erratic steering, and eventual mechanical failure.  We can help stop the destruction of your Land Rover's costly power steering system by flushing it entirely clean under pressure and removing all residue from worn seals and lines. Our service will ensure smooth, quiet operation, and our special fully synthetic BG fluid will help to prevent leaks and the sticking and wearing of parts due to its superb performance in extreme temperature, special anti-wear agents, and powerful anti-oxidants that inhibit fluid breakdown. 

Fuel Injection and Air Induction System Services

We strongly recommend fuel injection and air induction services to keep your engine running smoothly. This removes any buildup of carbon and other deposits. Regular cleaning of the fuel system can ensure improved gas mileage and performance. The cleaner the engine, the more efficiently it will run. This service is especially important for anyone with a 5L Land Rover Engine, which were first used in 2010. We perform an on-engine, pressurized cleaning of the fuel injectors, throttle body, plenum, air-intake, intake valves and port, which removes all deposits in the combustion chamber and corrects the balance of fuel and air in the system. You'll notice reduced emissions, restored horsepower, increased fuel economy, smoother starting and idling, and quieter engine noise.

Oil Change w/ MOA

We strongly recommend using BG’s MOA with every oil change. MOA is a friction modifier, which makes the oil running through your engine more efficient at lubricating all of the components under intense heat and pressure. It also cleans piston ring belts, hydraulic lifters, and other engine components, which will extend engine life and reduce operation costs. MOA use will result in improved engine compression, increased power, and increased fuel economy.

BG 44K

We recommend the simple addition of a can 44K every 3,000-6,000 miles when you fill your Land Rover with gas. This product safely, rapidly, and thoroughly removes engine deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports, and on valves. It cleans the entire fuel system and restores flow in fuel injectors. Using BG 44K will improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions. It restores that “like new” feeling and keeps the engine running better, longer with more efficiency.

INDEPENDENT’s Pre-purchase Inspection

Before you dish out on a used Land Rover, we strongly believe that you should contact us first. For a nominal fee, we will perform an extensive inspection of the vehicle and provide you with a comprehensive report. We will give you an honest appraisal of the vehicle taking into account its age, mileage, and its overall condition. Don’t get caught out! We have experienced instances of customers bringing us their recently purchased vehicle only to discover that they were totally unaware its actual condition and the amount of remedial work required to make it safe. Have the car inspected by INDEPENDENT before you part with your cash.