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INDEPENDENT opened its doors in 2011.

Dean Kruuse, Principal

Dean's devotion to Land Rovers began in childhood while growing up in South Africa where he regularly saw these vehicles used in a utilitarian capacity. On a family trip to the shore, he spent hours watching with reverence as Land Rovers were used to tow fishing boats in and out of the water. Those early impressions manifested into an opportunity when he was chosen to compete in the 2002 Land Rover TReK and 2008 Land Rover G4 Challenge events. Dean's trained athleticism and mechanical skills proved advantageous in the events, which left Dean with an invaluable skill set and deeper appreciation for the Land Rover brand.

In 2010, after years on the West Coast working with Land Rovers, Dean and his wife (a Washington native) relocated to the D.C. area to raise their family. Dean began to think back on the utilitarian trucks of his youth and the countless adventures he had embarked on behind the wheel of a Land Rover. He wanted to create a small shop that would inspire others and offer transparency along the way. Competing with dealerships for talent and customers were obvious caveats to his concept, but Dean believed that in order to attract the caliber of excellence he required, he would need to assemble a crew of similarly impassioned peers. It was the work, Dean knew, that would draw the right people to INDEPENDENT.

Benjamin Boerum, Design Director

Ben joined INDEPENDENT in 2011 to assist in establishing the INDEPENDENT brand. 

His love of Land Rovers was ignited in the early 90’s digging through issues of CAR magazine. Ben idolized these attractive machines regarding them as the pinnacle of capability, strength, and design. They instilled a sense of adventure - the idea of seeing and learning something new. After years of working as a museum consultant in New York City and contributing to countless prominent projects for public and private collections nationwide. Ben has returned to D.C. (his hometown) to seize an incredible opportunity to fulfill an enduring ambition at INDEPENDENT.

Seven years later, INDEPENDENT has evolved from a simple vision into a thriving business. A lot has changed since the doors first opened, but at its core, INDEPENDENT remains a neighborhood shop, built on simple values, filled with people who love Land Rovers. 




The Work